Ryan is the phenomenal artist behind Castle.
He's primarily known as a pen and ink artist but has also produced digital art and photography.


If you’ve ever met one of those guys who can naturally talk to anyone, it may have been Chris. He’s our smooth talking public relations expert. With his easy going and friendly demeanor, he could make friends with a wall and likely convince it to invest.


Julian is our insanely talented full stack and web3 developer.Having been in the crypto game since 2017, his knowledge and technical ability is unmatched. He’s the genius behind
The future is bright for this one in a million dev.


It’s hard to believe how young Nickels is. The incredible maturity and unrivalled knowledge he brings is so impressive.
As part of our dev team, Nickels works behind the scenes ensuring everything runs smoothly. If you have a problem, he can fix literally anything.


NFTs are all about the marketing so it’s no wonder we chose the best in the business. Robert is our talented marketing manager who brings a wealth of experience from the corporate world.
Having previously marketed for United Airlines, he applies expert level digital storytelling to engage our users. In his spare time he works on his classic 1970 Chevelle SS.


a1rsupp0rt is the man when it comes to coding. He’s usuallyfound brainstorming with Julian and coming up with crazy new ways to implement our ideas. He’s a passionate snowboarder in his free time.


Every great team needs a great designer and that’s what we’ve got in Stroh. He is our expert graphic designer behind everything you see (apart from the drawing of a great big castle). If he's not got his headphones on and pushing pixels around a screen, he's dreaming and planning his next big snowboarding trip.


Jack is our friendly and talkative community manager. He’s an expert at shit-posting and winning meme contests.
Warning! Never follow his trades, he loves to buy the top!

Umbria Bridge
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