What is the total supply to be minted?

A total of 20k will be available to mint.

Where can I find the pieces and puzzles on OpenSea?

The Piece Collection can be found here and the Puzzle Collection can be found here.

When is the mint?

Gravity Finance holders with a balance of more than 50,000 GFI will enjoy a presale that opens on the 21st of January at 22:00 UTC.

Following the presale for GFI holders, the public will be able to mint on the 22nd of January at 22:00 UTC.

On which network will Castle launch?

We will be launching Castle on the Polygon network due to it's low gas costs.

What is the mint price?


How many can I mint?

The first round for Gravity Tier holders has a cap per tier.

Tier 1: 10 mints
Tier 2: 50 mints
Tier 3: 100 mints

The public round has no cap on mints - here you can mint as many as you want.

Will the Castle team be allowed to mint and how will you ensure fairness?

While art speaks for itself, the gamification aspect of our project is what makes us different. We at Castle want to participate in the game to maintain our connection to the community that has been instrumental to our success.

To make sure that fairness and competitive balance is maintained, we have engaged Gravity Finance (a trusted third party) to carry out the mint to ensure that the process is fair and trustless.

Are the teammembers doxed?

Our artist and co-founder, Sethius, is Ryan Forster. Other members of our team are experienced and well known in the crypto community. As such, their reputations are solid.

What do the NFTs offer?

Holding a completed Castle NFT comes with benefits fit for a king. Holders will receive a percentage of all secondary sale royalties, guaranteed access to future Castle drops, discounted Castle merchandise, and additional benefits within the larger Polygon and NFT art communities.

Umbria Bridge
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