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The first ever puzzle NFT project. We’ve taken an incredible artwork that was almost 2 years in the making and split it into 25 puzzle pieces. Who will be first to collect a full set?

There are a total of 20k pieces available to mint which translates into 800 full puzzles. When you mint, you will receive completely random pieces and you may even get the same piece more than once. But don’t worry, that means you have a piece that someone else needs! You can sell and trade your doubles to try to collect all the pieces you need.

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To make things more interesting, there are 4 different rarities within the 20k pieces. Gold is the most rare making up only 5 of the 800 puzzles. Followed by Silver, Bronze and Iron.

You can collect multiple rarities at the same time and keep track of your pieces through this custom built website. When you have collected all 25 unique pieces of a puzzle in any given rarity, you will be able to trade them in for the full resolution Castle artwork NFT. With that also comes your membership to an exclusive club giving benefits to holders.

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But collect them quickly as there is a race to make the first complete puzzles!

The first to assemble one of the full puzzles for a rarity will receive:

Gold 50k USDC
Silver 30k USDC
Bronze 15k USDC
Iron 5k USDC

We’re looking forward to watching the dynamics play out. Will you collect the pieces as an individual or team up? Will you sell your doubles or hold them ransom?

Happy hunting and good luck!!

For more information, please see our Whitepaper or ask our helpful Discord community members.

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